Nutty and crunchy, pumpkin seeds are a nutrient-rich superfood that make the perfect garnish or snack.  

The Australian Pumpkin Seed Company’s Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are not just your ordinary pumpkin seed. They’re soaked and activated whole and naked, before being gently dry roasted for an extra nutty flavour and crunch. Pumpkin seeds are incredibly good for you, being considered a ‘superfood’ due to their high nutrient content. They contain magnesium, iron, zinc, protein, fibre and essential fatty acids, which combined provide energy, support the immune system and enhance skin health. They’re also highly versatile, making it easy to boost the nutrient content of any dish. Need we say more?

Vegan, gluten free and activated with no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or added salts. 100% Australian grown pumpkin seeds




These ‘naked’ pumpkin seeds can be eaten alone as a convenient snack, or used to garnish any dish, including salads, pizza and stirfries. Pumpkin seeds also make a great addition to home-made breads, cakes and biscuits, or can be simply sprinkled on your morning cereal for a smart start to your day.




100% Australian grown roasted pumpkin seeds.