With a unique taste and impressive nutritional table, Organic Road Shredded Coconut is a pantry must-have. Slightly coarser than desiccated coconut, it makes the perfect flavour-rich addition to granolas and treats. Quality you can trust, every piece is shredded from environmentally-sustained, fresh, organic coconuts.


Organic Road Shredded Coconut is:

  • Gluten & sulphur free
  • Free from any artificial colours, flavours & preservatives
  • Paleo & vegan friendly
  • Made without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides & herbicides
  • Certified organic




Serving Suggestions:
Perfect to garnish/add to trail mixes, salads, desserts, cereals, yoghurts, baked goods and curries.




100% organic dried coconut

Barcode: 9.33997E+12