Just as the almond wraps its kernel in a protective shell, Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Lotion gently protects sensitive skin and restores its natural balance. Made with organic almond oil, this gentle, easily absorbed cream strengthens the skin’s own protective function and therefore defends against exposure to the elements. It also calms skin prone to irritation, helps to reduce redness and provides long-lasting moisture, reducing feelings of skin tightness. Learn to love the skin you’re in with Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Lotion.



  • A rapidly-absorbed lotion for sensitive and allergy-prone skin that protects and hydrates without causing irritation

  • Gluten-free, pH balanced, and skin tolerance and efficacy clinically tested and dermatologically confirmed

  • Free from synthetic fragrance, colours, preservatives or raw materials derived from mineral oils




Aqua, sweet almond oil, alcohol, glycerin, squalene, behenyl acohol, cetearyl glucoside, beeswax, carrageenan, xanthan gum, lactate, parfum*

* From natural essential oils and/or plant extracts

Bold represents organic ingredients

Dermatologically-tested and free from gluten, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants and raw materials from mineral oils.


Key ingredient: ALMOND

Organic almond oil is an important ingredient in Weleda’s natural cosmetics products for sensitive skin. In fact, it is widely sought-after and prized as one of the most precious oils for skin care. From baby oil to facial moisture, almond oil provides the gentlest care for sensitive, dry or irritated skin. Weleda has noticed that, in recent years, demand for sensitive skin products has grown as modern living and pollution lead to heightened sensitivity. To meet this demand, it is extremely important to Weleda that the almond oil used in their products meets high quality standards.

Weleda works with the Manan cooperative in the Valencia region of Spain, from which they receive a regular supply of organically grown almonds. In the hills near the city of Alicante a hundred almond growers nurture one of the largest almond cultivation sites in Europe. The partnership between Weleda and Manan flourishes on a shared philosophy of sustainable development and environmental protection. You can see this in matters as simple as the economical use of water over the total area of 6000 hectares. The growers are deliberately sparing with water, a precious commodity in Spain, because over-irrigation can eventually lead to salinization of the soil, erosion and reduction in soil fertility.




Turn the bottle upside down and shake before first use. Apply after bath or shower. Particularly beneficial when used together with Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Wash and Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream.