Choose health with this nutritious, tasty, highly-versatile Roasted Carob Powder from a globally leading company.

Carob products from The Australian Carob Co. are the sweetest in the global market, produced without the strong bitter taste associated with some internationally manufactured carobs. Adding to this advantage, the company is today the largest commercial organic carob processor in Australia, with a manufacturing facility that only processes carob. This eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination and produces allergen-free products, making healthy eating accessible to all.

The Australian Carob Co. Pure Roasted Carob Powder is naturally darker in colour compared to raw carob powder and has been finely milled, making it perfect for baking and cooking and giving it a full-bodied, sweet, smooth carob flavour.

Yes, it is possible for something that tastes so delicious to be just as good for you. This roasted carob powder is high in protein and rich in fibre and contains essential vitamins and minerals. It also ranks a low 15 on the Glycemic Index, so provides a perfect option for diabetics and health-conscious consumers.

The Australian Carob Co. Pure Raw Carob Powder is an organic product of Australia. It’s 100% gluten, dairy, caffeine, GMO and nut free and contains no preservatives or sweeteners.




Add in baking, cooking, smoothie beverage preparations and other no-bake recipes.




Australian Organic Carob