Lotus Pantry Fibre Cleanse offers a gentle, soothing way to boost your fibre intake.

Dietary fibre is essential for a healthy diet. Formulated with selectively chosen natural ingredients, Lotus Pantry Fibre Cleanse makes it easy and tasty to boost your fibre intake and inner health! It’s a gentle blend of premium psyllium husks, linseed meal and oatmeal, balanced with the soothing properties of slippery elm bark and naturally sweet carob powder. Each one of these ingredients supports the body in a different way, meaning when combined, they create an unbeatable nutrient powerhouse!  

Lotus Pantry Fibre Cleanse is an excellent vegan source of fibre. It is also free from added salt and sugar.  




Enjoy mixed through cereal or blended into smoothies. Can also be added to baking for a nutritional boost.




Psyllium husk, carob powder, linseed meal, oatmeal, slippery elm bark powder.

Contains gluten.



Barcode: 9.31713E+12