High in fibre, protein and minerals, Lotus Pantry Stabilised Wheat Germ has wide-ranging health benefits.

When wheat grains are refined to white flour, the nutritious centre of the wheat kernel, which includes the wheat germ, is removed. Consumption of this part has great dietary benefits, as it’s an excellent source of protein and fibre. It also contains numerous minerals and vitamins, including vitamins B and E. Lotus Pantry Stabilised Wheat Germ is made from only this nutritious centre, making it easy to obtain all its benefits. Plus, it’s delicious, with a nutty flavour and distinctive texture that enhances smoothies, cakes, cereals and more.

Lotus Pantry Stabilised Wheat Germ is non-GMO, vegan and soy free.




Sprinkle over cereals, smoothies and salads. Can also be baked into cakes or added to savoury recipes like meatballs to replace breadcrumbs.




Wheat Germ (100%).



Barcode: 9.31713E+12