Salads and marinades don’t have to be boring with this aromatic, nutrient-rich pumpkin seed oil.  

The Australian Pumpkin Seed Company’s Pumpkin Seed Oil is about to become your favourite kitchen companion. With its delicious nutty flavour and clean finish to the palate, it makes the perfect salad dressing. It can also be used to marinade meat or as a drizzle over steamed vegetables or pasta. Highly versatile, it’s even sweet enough to mix into ice cream or incorporate into baked treats.

Pumpkin seed oil from The Australian Pumpkin Seed Company is specially processed to retain its upmost quality and nutrient content. The oil is cold pressed and unrefined, meaning nothing has been added, nor removed. Once pressed, it is stored in stainless steel tanks for 5 days before bottling to allow any seed particles to settle. There are no trans-fatty acids or cholesterol in the oil, just natural goodness like omega 6! Make more delicious, nutritious meals all year round when you discover the wonderful versatility of Australia’s first and only pumpkin seed oil.

Cold-pressed using no bleaches, deodorisers and antifoams or added colours, flavours and preservatives. Purchases support aussie farmers. 




Pumpkin seed oil is not recommended as a frying oil as it has a low smoke point. When baked in stuffings and breads or drizzled on hot soups, its subtle flavour will shine through. This flavour can also add a unique twist to sweet treats or ice-cream toppings. Its deep green colour is ideal for decorating serving plates, drizzling over BBQ steak or dressing hot or cold salads.

Pumpkin seed oil should be stored in a cool dark place or refrigerated to retain freshness and quality.




Pumpkin seed oil (98% min), certified organic sunflower oil (processing aid). 

Barcode: 9.34205E+12