Help a loved one achieve a good night’s rest with our Native Sleep Tea and Tin Gift Box. This gift box includes: 

Native Sleep Tin: The best way to keep leaves fresh and vibrant, the Native Sleep Tin features artwork by Indigenous artist Kevin Bynder, inspired by our Native Sleep Tea. 

Native Sleep Tea: A sweet, big berry flavoured sleep tea the entire family can enjoy before bedtime. Designed with native plants, traditionally used to ease an overactive mind, promote deep sleep and improve overall wellbeing. 

A free Roogenic Gift Box that includes an iced tea recipe & community insights. It's the perfect way to showcase your unique Australian gifts.


Tin : 80mm x 80mm x115mm
Capacity: Each Roogenic tin fits two boxes of Roogenic loose leaf tea or 36 tea bags.

Our packaging is also 100% biodegradable and plastic-free!

Barcode: 9.35169E+12