Desert Quandongs have been a staple food for Indigenous Australians for thousands of years due to being an important source of nutrition and they continue to provide delicious variety to our diets today.

As one of Australia’s native superfoods, packed with; antioxidants, essential minerals like zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin E and folate, Quandongs were also an important food to the first European settlers and explorers who used this high vitamin C fruit to help fight scurvy. When naturally air dried, Quandongs can last a very long time (up to 8 years) while still retaining their nutrition and flavour. This was the traditional process, and the process that Roogenic chooses to use today.

In modern times, Quandongs have commonly been used in jams, preserves, pies and tarts but the uses for this unique fruit are limited only by your imagination.


  1. One of our favourite and most delicious ways to enjoy Quandongs is as a hot or iced tea. Just simmer 6 to 8 Quandong halves in 1 litre of water for approximately 15 minutes. When the tea is ready you can enjoy it hot or store chilled to add flavour and nutrition to iced drinks and smoothies. Once you have strained the tea be sure you don’t discard the Quandongs. Instead, you can eat them for a hit of nutrition and flavour.
  2. OR, you can just drop one Quandong half into any other Roogenic tea brew to bring a hit of nutrition and very subtle peach flavour. Be sure to reuse in a brew 5 times and then eat the remaining rehydrated Quandong.
  3. Make jams and preserves
  4. Create unique and delicious pies and tarts
  5. Chop up and sprinkle over cereal or stir through yoghurt
  6. Contains twice the Vitamin C of an orange
  7. A source of Vitamin E, folate, magnesium and calcium
  8. A valuable vegan source of iron and zinc
  9. A source of phenolic-based antioxidants which help to boost the immune
  10. system and reduce inflammation
  11. The kernel contains a range of complex oils and is recognised for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities