These delicious sweet native bush plants are perfect for bread, pasta, sauces, beans, with meats, or even ground and used in seasoning mixes. Give them a try today to start discovering ‘A Real Taste of Australia’.

For thousands of years, the Aboriginal people of Australia’s central deserts have used bush tomatoes as an important food source.

Bush tomatoes are very high in vitamin C content, are high in antioxidants and full of essential minerals being particularly rich in potassium.

Today, be awakened to the intense and exciting flavour creations possible with native bush tomatoes.

The rich flavour of Bush Tomatoes make them best used in small quantities:

  1. Cook into delicious sauces
  2. Create punchy seasoning mixes
  3. Amazing baked into bread or dampers
  4. Use wherever you might use a sundried tomato
  5. Make a tomato pesto
  6. Chutney
  7. Mix into butter for a tasty spread
  8. Pair with cheese for an exotic Australian antipasto platter
  9. Chop up and sprinkle as a tasty topping on bruschettas, pizzas, dips
  10. Contains antioxidants
  11. High in Vitamin C; which may help boost the immune system, fight free radicals, and help with collagen production and cell repair