This popular combination of real, fresh ingredients and a little spice creates a mouth-watering, flavour-rich relish.

Tomato Relish will forever be an Aussie favourite. When made with a little added spice, it’s unbeatable. Maleny Cuisine Spicy Tomato Relish combines tomatoes, onions, chilli and sultanas with a special blend of herbs and spices. Each of these ingredients are freshly sourced and real, providing a homemade taste without the time and effort. Highly versatile, Maleny Cuisine Spicy Tomato Relish is great served with cheese, cold meats, vegetables, in sandwiches or omelettes or scrambled eggs.

Maleny Cuisine Relishes are gluten-free, low sodium, vegan and handmade without artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.




Maleny Cuisine is a family-operated gourmet condiment manufacturing business on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. For nearly 30 years the company has produced high-quality condiments with the freshest locally sourced produce, staying true to the original vision for the range. The first recipes were developed in 1988 to address a gap in the market for gourmet condiments that were gluten free yet still delicious and affordable. Each recipe was based on ripe seasonal fruit and vegetables and called for minimum processing to ensure maximum freshness. This has created an entire range that makes a statement through flavour and appeal and will enhance the flavours of your everyday dishes or add something special to your entertaining experiences.




Tomatoes 40%, Onions, Vinegar, Sugar, Chilli (Acetic Acid), Sultanas and a blend of herbs and spices