A great addition to any kitchen these refillable glass, stainless steel grinders come filled with Himilayan salt and black peppercorns.

Glass & Stainless Steel Grinder Pack -with 200g Himalayan Salt & 100g Peppercorns

Add that little extra twist to your favourite meal.
Features a high quality refillable solid glass container with easy clean stainless steel finish and adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism. The lid seals in freshness and keeps out moisture. Comes containing 200g Himalayan Salt and 100g Peppercorns.

  • Hygienic Lid seals in freshness and keeps out moisture ­­
  • Adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Easy clean stainless steel finish
  • High quality refillable glass container
  • Each grinder comes containing 200g Himalayan Salt and 100g High Grade Peppercorns.

Himalayan Salt

One of the purest salts available containing natural trace elements and minerals, Himalayan Crystal Salt is often considered a much healthier alternative to traditional table salt. Formed deep in the Himalayan mountains over 250 million years ago, unexposed to environmental pollution, our Himalayan Crystal Salt is 100% natural and unrefined ensuring the highest quality.


Sourced from the finest Vietnamese plantations. Vietnam is now the largest producer of quality black peppercorns. Luvin Life Pepper has a higher bulk density therefore giving a much better flavour. Our pepper is cleaned and then steam sterilised to remove any impurities. Enjoy!