Gluten-free, nutrient-dense and delightfully crunchy, Lotus Soy Grits will boost your baking.

A good source of protein and fibre, Lotus Soy Grits boost the nutritional profile of any baked goods. They are also vegan and gluten-free with an unbeatable crunch that makes them great for both sweet and savoury recipes. All-natural, Lotus Soy Grits are made 100% from soybeans. These soybeans have been cracked, toasted and ground into coarse pieces, creating an alternative way to enjoy all the nutritional benefits of soy.

Lotus Soy Grits are non-GMO and a vegan, gluten-free source of fibre and protein.




Add to breads, soups, casseroles and meatballs for extra crunch. Can also be added to cookies, protein balls and other sweet baked goods.




Soybeans (100%).




Barcode: 9.31713E+12