A well-established treatment in Europe, the use of salt inhalers brings salt-infused air to the respiratory system via oral inhalation. This has many benefits, including:

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal effects that help increase resistance to infections

  • Facilitates the killing and clearance of any invading pathogens, speeds up recovery from infections and reduces any associated inflammatory response.
  • Increases mucus clearance within the lungs and nasal cavity and helps to normalize blood pressure

  • The negative ions of salt are beneficial to the nervous system, meaning usage may induce a sense of relaxation and more restful sleep
  • Increases blood oxygenation, strengthens the respiratory system, opens up airways and clears pathogens and debris

  • Can effectively help prevent or treat a variety of respiratory conditions, whether chronic or acute, mild or severe, including: asthma, allergies, cold and flu, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, sinusitis, hay fever, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia



Karom is derived from the Karakoram, one of the several mountain chains within the greater Himalaya from which the salt is sourced. Karom is a family-run business that links two countries, Australia and Pakistan with fair trade. In Pakistan, an extended family business supplies Karom’s specific requirements and is directly responsible for quality and consistency of all salt products. At the Australian end, Karom finances the importation of best available Himalayan Crystal salt through the good agency of the Pakistan connection.

Through this direct trade relationship, Karom has been able to guarantee suppliers receive correct remuneration for the work done, removing from the equation the class of English-language proficient traders. The two families were initially connected online by an English-language literate daughter with vision to improve upon the status-quo and a personal drive and persistence to make it happen. She has always been encouraged and supported in her work by a remarkable family network which has seen all her siblings as well as herself educated to tertiary degree level or equivalent, according to personal predilection.