Kiwiherb's Herbal Cough & Chest Syrup is a wonderful combination of powerful organic herbal remedies traditionally used to relieve cough symptoms associated with colds and flu's. This mix combines Mullein, Elecampagne, White Horehound and Marshmallow traditionally used to provide relief of coughs and as an expectorant to help relieve catarrh. The formula is very palatable due to the addition of the most potent Manuka Honey so it can be easily taken by both adults and children. Honey is well documented to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal activity. It is important to follow the correct dosing as this will give you the best defence for soothing cough symptoms. 



  • Mullein (organic) 150mg / 5ml,
  • Elecampane (organic) 150mg /5ml,
  • White Horehound (organic) 137.5mg /5ml,
  • Marshmallow (organic) 55mg /5ml.
  • In a base of organic Manuka honey, apple juice concentrate, apple cider vinegar with natural orange & lemon flavour.
  • Contains ethanol. Contains sugars as honey.



  • Adults: 5 -10ml up to 5 times daily;
  • Children 6-12yrs: 2 - 5ml up to 5 times daily.
  • May be taken undiluted or in a small amount of water or juice.