GutAid Gut Relieve Capsules Overview

GutAid Gut Relieve is indicated for the following:

Decrease/reduce/relieve colic (wind/gas pain)
Decrease/reduce/relieve excess intestinal gas
Maintain/support healthy digestive system function
Maintain/support healthy digestion
Maintain/support digestion/assimilation of nutrients
Aid/assist digestion/breakdown of dietary fat
Aid/assist/helps digestion of fats/fatty acids/triglycerides/lipid
Aid/assist digestion of glucose/sugar/carbohydrates
Aid/assist digestion of lactose
Maintain/support digestive system health
Decrease/reduce/relieve abdominal bloating/distention
Decrease/reduce/relieve abdominal cramping
Decrease/reduce/relieve abdominal feeling of fullness
Relieve digestive discomfort
Helps decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of food intolerance
Helps decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of food intolerance


Amylase 3.5 thousand DU
cellulase 44 CU
lipase 40 LipU
protease 10 Thousand HUT
tilactase 250 ALU


medium chain triglycerides
microcrystalline cellulose
purified water

Barcode: 9.33785E+12