GUMBI GUMBI 100% Pittosporum Angustifolium 

Aboriginal peoples have a long history of living off the land through the harvest of their wild foods/Traditional Bush Tucker. Like many other cultures, all have traditions of harvesting edible wild plants.

With the recent resurgence of interest in Traditional Bush Tucker, more people recognize the full range of applications. 

Gumbi Gumbi is NOT A DRUG it is an Australian Botanical Superfood a pure natural and affordable Traditional Bush Tucker for you; It really is pure and simple wholesomeness.

Our Gumbi Gumbi is a fine superfood powder encapsulated.

[Bush foods /Bush Tucker are being described as a superfood because they are high in nutritional value. Nutritional value in mainstream fruit and vegetables has decreased over thousands of years because producers are more concerned with the water-fat content, meaning the larger size and weight of a fruit or vegetable is selected by the grower to increase profit margins. In a comparison of a traditional hunter gatherer’s diet and a modern diet, Indigenous people were able to acquire similar levels of recommended nutrients in quantifiably less food (Smith and Smith 2003).]

Make ‘Gumbi Gumbi’ part of your daily Health Routine 

Your Health IS Important   


Couple capsules morning and nightly 

(Always follow the information sheet that comes with your capsules and take them AFTER a meal, with a glass or two of water ...and NOT on an empty stomach.

They are only a FOOD and are not a drug ...but, they are finely powdered dried leaves, it is best to take them after you have a meal)



Love, 100% Gumbi Gumbi (Pittosporum Augustifolium) ** Powdered Leaves & stems ENCAPSULATED in Vegan Capsules

** Australian botanical wild harvested

 Love is that special ingredient


While our Gumbi Gumbi/Leaf Powder is 100% Natural, If a reaction develops, seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children.



Barcode: 3000000004302