Naturally softening and disinfecting, ECOlogic Wool Wash leaves your wools fresh and clean.

Show your woollens love while becoming more environmentally responsible in your own home by choosing ECOlogic Wool Wash. It’s a low sud formula ideal for washing all your woollens and delicates, even wool pillows and blankets, and is suitable for use in both top and front loaders or when hand washing. With the natural disinfectant properties of eucalyptus and natural softening properties of aloe vera, it will leave your woollens smelling fresh and looking clean.

Cruelty-free and biodegradable with no phosphates, bleaching agents, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or animal ingredients.




Please shake the bottle gently before each use.

Top loader: 1 cap per load

Front loader: ½ cap per load

Hand washing: Use ½ cap to an average laundry sink, approximately 30L of water.

This product is not to be used directly onto garments.




Purified water, organic saponified coconut oil, organic saponified olive oil, organic soapwort herb extract, organic aloe vera leaf extract, sodium chloride (sea salt), organic extracts of lavender flowers, horsetail herb and witch hazel bark, guar gum, citrus seed extract, eucalyptus essential oil.