A low-carb, alkaline, complete plant-based protein to help you achieve your health goals. 

Entirely based on rice, Eagle Nutrition Sprouted Brown Rice Protein is a nutrient-dense vegan protein powder. It’s a complete protein, providing all essential and non-essential amino acids naturally. It’s also extremely low in fat and carbohydrates, yet still contains high amounts of insoluble fibre. Dietary incorporation of this fibre is highly recommended by doctors, as it supports the prevention and mitigation of high cholesterol and diabetes among many other general health needs. 

Eagle Nutrition Sprouted Brown Rice Protein comes from rice grown with extra care and has no traces of fertilisers or pesticides. It is superior to regular rice in its processing and nutrient content. 

Here’s how Eagle Nutrition make every bag: 

Brown rice is placed in a warm, humid environment which encourages the germ (the corner of the rice kernel where life begins) to start the growth process. The rice kernel effectively flips a switch and its sole purpose is now focused on creating new life. The germ begins pumping vitamins, nutrients and amino acids into the rice kernel in preparation for growth. When the maximum possible nutrition in the rice kernel is reached, we cool it down, locking in all the added vitamins, nutrients and amino acids.

This powder is raw, plant-based, dairy and lactose free, hypo-allergenic, low carb, alkaline and organic. It’s also free of the LDL cholesterol and hormones contained in some protein powders and supplements.




100% Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein