Give yourself a break, help stop repetitive thoughts, fall asleep naturally and wake up refreshed with Rescue Sleep®. It’s the trusted sleep formula that helps provide relief from occasional sleeplessness caused by stress and repetitive thoughts. Rescue Sleep® Spray combines Rescue Remedy® with the Bach® remedy White Chestnut to help you fall asleep naturally and wake refreshed.* Plus, it’s a non-narcotic, non-habit forming formula with natural, active ingredients.

  • Offers non-habit forming & non-narcotic sleep aid for the whole family
  • Vegan, melatonin-free formula with natural active ingredients and no alcohol, sugar or gluten
  • Formulated in a convenient, discreet spray bottle for use on the go  




Directions: It only takes a second to spray and you’re on your way to a natural nights rest*. Activate the spray pump before use, bring the nozzle up to your mouth and apply 2 sprays on the tongue. Do not spray into the throat or eyes.

Approximately 190 doses per bottle: 0.70 fl oz (20mL)




Rescue Remedy® formula combines the positive potentials of the Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum, each identified by Dr. Bach to provide relief in times of stress and emotional demand. Rescue Sleep® combines Rescue Remedy® plus Bach® White Chestnut remedy.

* Rescue®, Rescue Remedy® and Bach® Original Flower Remedies brand products are a homeopathic dilution. Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.




Barcode: 5.00049E+12