“I absolutely LOVE Aussie Pepper! It’s grown locally to me, is sustainably farmed and pesticide free, and has the freshest, most aromatic flavour of any pepper I’ve tasted! I take it with me whenever I travel in Australia, as I can honestly say no other pepper ever compares. Of course, everyone who tries it when I cook for them wants to know where to buy it, so I decided we’d better stock it in the Quirky Store. Now everyone can see how pepper should really taste! I know you will love it too.” – Jo

Here’s some interesting facts that explain why this this pepper is so special:

– L and L  Pepperfarms in Silkwood (just south of Innisfail, FNQ) are Australia’s only commercial pepper farm – yep that means it’s very likely the pepper on your table has travelled from India or Vietnam, and it probably isn’t very fresh.

– L & L Pepperfarm has two hectares of pepper vines that are harvested annually by hand around October and then sun-dried, producing around 2 tonne annually. Their pepper is so popular that they will often almost run out of pepper before harvesting the next crop!

– The farm is a family business established by 2 brothers, Levis and Louis Campagnolo in the late 1980’s, and since been handed to Donna Campagnolo to run since her father and uncle retired in 2006.

– We love that this pepper is sustainably farmed, 100% natural and pesticide free!!!! YAAAYYY!!!

So good, huh?? Why would anyone not want to support this business and enjoy this delicious Australian Pepper!