An innovative skin care solution with a difference! Apricare's apricot kernels make a gentle, non-drying exfoliating scrub for supple, smooth skin. Even better, they’re raw and non-GMO, and their sales support Asian Aid Australia. 


Apricare's raw, non-GMO, certified organic apricot kernels originate from wild apricot trees that have never come into contact with any herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. The apricots are gently harvested by hand, then the kernels carefully removed and slowly and gently air-dried. 

These kernels aid in the removal of dead skin cells found on the surface of the skin, leaving it feeling soft and looking brighter. They can also help remove all traces of impurities, but won't dry the skin in the process. 

Sales from apricot kernels support Asian Aid Australia, meaning every purchase supports a better world future.  




Crushed apricot kernels make a superb natural exfoliating medium. Finely grind the kernels to help reveal brighter and smoother skin.