Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes make it easy for all to access the benefits of magnesium. They are the dry flakes of magnesium chloride and other naturally occurring trace minerals in a convenient and economical form. Designed to be dissolved in baths and foot soaks, usage has a number of benefits, including:

  • Ideal for children and those with skin sensitivities

  • Great for soaking muscles and joints and is effective for stress relief and relaxation

  • Soothes and nourishes the skin – naturally




Ingredients: Genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride flakes (and trace minerals)

One cup contains approximately 15 g elemental magnesium.




Simply dissolve 1-3 cups or more of the magnesium flakes into a warm, but not hot, footbath or tub bath, and soak for 30 minutes or more.

Some individuals with sensitive skin may prefer this method of application to the more concentrated Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel or Magnesium Oil.



Magnesium is one of the six essential macro-minerals that comprise 99% of the body’s mineral content. It helps build bones, enables nerves to function, and is essential to the production of energy from food.

Magnesium ions regulate over 300 biochemical reactions in the body through their role as enzyme co-factors and play a vital role in the reactions that generate and use ATP, the fundamental unit of energy within the body’s cells.

Without the presence of magnesium in the body, we could not produce energy nor adjust the levels of cholesterol produced and released into the blood stream, and our muscles would be in a permanent state of contraction. Additionally, key hormones could not be synthesized to help control vital bodily functions.

Considering this, it is not surprising that magnesium has been shown to play a significant role in the prevention and treatment of common diseases and conditions. These include osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, migraine headaches, depression and asthma.




Ancient Minerals magnesium products offer a convenient form of topical magnesium, a method of delivering minerals to the body through the skin.

This may seem at first mysterious and new, but it’s based on both age-old principles and cutting-edge science.

Consider the expensive skin cremes offered to help create healthy, glowing skin, or the patches used to help smokers quit.

If you’ve used or are familiar with any of these products, then you are familiar with the basic concepts behind topical applications of magnesium. In fact, topical magnesium has a number of benefits. It:

  • Is safe, convenient, affordable and effective.
  • Allows you to maximize the amount of magnesium absorbed daily without having to worry about diarrhea, digestion, or swallowing additional pills several times a day.
  • Is especially helpful with pain and can be applied directly to the trouble area with immediate results, rather than waiting for it to work its way through your GI tract.