Well-researched and selectively formulated, Amena’s Ultra Boost is a revolutionary immune tonic.


A notion started in the 1980s-90s by the late Gerry Amena, the formulation now known as Ultra Boost has been gradually created over years of education and research. Every ingredient has a history as a traditional herbal medicine, and was purposefully incorporated for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, or anti-biotic properties These ingredients include:

Nasturtium, (tropaeolum): a member of the mustard family with antibiotic properties used for the liver and conditions such as urinary tract infections.

Sheep Sorrel (rumex acetosella): traditionally used by Indigenous Canadians to fight cancer and treat inflammation.

Five Spice: also known as Spanish Thyme, Cuban Oregano or Mother of Herbs, it is used to relieve sore throats and coughs. It can be made into a tea to help with bronchitis, viral conditions and as a liver tonic.


A 100% Australian owned and sourced natural product consisting of organically grown herbs.




Pour 5ml in liquid of choice, and drink with a meal, preferably the evening, but whatever works best for you. Note: Putting 5ml in a shot glass and filling it with water, juice or milk, shooting it down and then following with another mouthful of food or a glass of water is probably the easiest way to consume.




Sea Minerals, Paw Paw leaves and stems, Nasturtium, Sheep Sorrel, Five Spice (Mare Aquam, Carica Papaya, Tropaeolum, Rumex Acetosella, Plectranthus Amboinicus)

Barcode: 9.31708E+12