2die4 Certified Organic Activated Hazelnuts are:

  • High quality hazelnuts mixed with a pinch of organic salt packed locally in Australia

  • The perfect snack, with a full, delicious taste and nutrient-rich profile

  • Full of vitamins and minerals and activated to make these nutrients more bioavailable




Organic Hazelnuts, Organic Australian Salt.

Made in Byron Bay using Hazelnuts from Turkey.                                                   




Growing from humble beginnings in a kitchen in Byron Bay, 2die4 Live Foods has become a successful organic activated nuts and wholefood business with a sustainable philosophy and customer-driven focus.


What are the benefits of activated nuts?

Nuts and seeds are incredibly nutrient dense. They’re a great source of vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein, and healthy fats.  Activating nuts may help to improve digestion and nutrient absorption for healthy eating.

The idea is that activating nuts helps to break down the naturally occurring anti-nutrients, such as phytates. Phytates are plant storage compounds which bind minerals: iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate, making them less available for absorption. Phytates inhibit (but do not entirely block) the bioavailability of these nutrients, affecting how much of the other nutrients in that food we can absorb. It’s important to know that these phytates won’t have a lasting effect once that food has been eaten.

How are nuts activated?

Activated nuts are raw nuts that have been soaked in a saltwater solution for 7-12 hours to stimulate the early germination and sprouting process within the nut. Once soaked, nuts are then dehydrated at a low temperature (about 65°C) for 12-24 hours before eating.


Why Certified Organic?

Certified Organic food is produced using organic farming methods containing no chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, or herbicides. Furthermore, they undergo no genetic modification, food irradiation or chemical additives.

Organic certification is a highly developed and trusted third party certification system. This is important with a lack of regulation in Australia, as it provides a guarantee that the entire supply chain has been independently audited against strict standards so consumers know they are getting what they paid for.

'Certified organic’ is a regulated term in Australian labelling regulations. This means that to use the term ‘certified’ anywhere on a product label (not necessarily in product name) the handling of that product must be in compliance with organic standards like ACOS.