The perfect addition to your smoothies, clean treats or daily nutritional plan! Protein Switch is a carefully selected blend of sprouted organic sprouted vegan protein chosen to provide one of the best amino acid profiles possible.

Why you’ll love it:

·  Keeps you feeling fuller for longer

·  Enhanced digestion with added DigeZymeTM

·  #1 best tasting plant protein - 30 day money back guarantee

·  No rice - no gritty taste

·  Great alone or as an addition to smoothies and clean treats

·  No bloat formula - sprouted protein 

·  3 delicious flavours




Who knew that vegan protein could taste this good! 

Switch Nutrition wanted to make sure our protein was highly nutritious, tasted great and was not gritty like other plant proteins. To achieve this, we use Smooth Protein™ from organic sprouted pumpkin seed and sprouted watermelon seed. We also use organic sprouted hemp seed protein as a complete source of highly digestible Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s). Hemp provides a unique bioavailable protein called Edestin as well as high quality Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s).

What's inside?

  • Pumpkin seed protein
  • Watermelon seed protein
  • Hemp seed protein
  • Fermented organic pea protein
  • DigeZyme™ is a patented digestive enzyme blend to help improve digestion of protein, carbs and fats




Are the flavours in PROTEIN Switchnatural?

POWER SWITCH™ is formulated based on the leading research available and manufactured in a HACCP and GMP certified facility. In addition to this we independently LAB TEST for impurities and potency. This process guarantees the highest quality product and provides the best results.


Is PROTEIN Switch™ suitable for a low FODMAP diet?

No heating in the process. There is sprouting (soaking) of the seeds and legumes. This process helps to eliminate the phytates and lectins which are antinutrients and enhance the digestibility and nutrient absorption of the protein. Smooth Protein (Watermelon Seed and Pumpkin Seed) are triple milled to reduce the particle size. This makes the protein less gritty and smoother in texture. We have combined 5 different sources of plant protein to obtain the best amino acid profile and diversity for healthier results. We also use NO rice protein as rice protein has some of the highest levels of heavy metals and arsenic.