Satisfy sweet cravings while supporting digestion with the Red Seal Black Adder Liquorice Tea. Packed with flavour, these caffeine-free teabags offer a natural, low calorie alternative for liquorice lovers. They contain a delicious blend of liquorice, fennel and peppermint and are perfect for after-dinner.

  • Digestive properties
  • Caffeine free
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Naturally sweet

Not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding mums.




  1. Pour just-boiled water over the teabag.
  2. Let it draw for 3 – 5 minutes.
  3. Serve hot.

Note: Herbal teas often require a longer drawing time but their aromas, flavours, and herbal properties make the wait worthwhile. Store in an airtight container.



Liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), fennel seeds and oil (Foeniculum vulgare), peppermint (Mentha x piperita), aniseed (Pimpinella anisum)