NEW  - SKIN FIX PACK - 3 Complementary products working together to heal problem skin.

Eczema, Dermatitis, Rashes, minor Burns and scratches, mozzie and insect bites, tinea and anywhere your skin is red and inflamed. Keep the pack in your first aid kit at home, in the car and the office. Take with you on holidays. Everything you need in 1 pack for those minor emergencies.


 50g tube of our TGA Listed THERAPEUTIC SKIN CREAM easy to apply cream to use all over your skin to help reduce redness, itchiness, inflammation associated with eczema, dermatitis, rashes and inflamed skin. Use as often as required.

20g tube of our MANUKA POWER CONCENTRATED OINTMENT - concentrated product with 30% Manuka Honey MGO 514 to reduce redness, itchiness, inflammation. Use on the smaller areas and especially where the skin is broken and/or infected.

100g jar of AUSTRALIAN RAW MANUKA HONEY MGO 30 - apply direct to open wounds, e.g.  leg ulcers, to assist in the healing process. Apply the ointment around the outside edge and place a bandage over the wound. Cleanse daily and reply the Manuka Honey and ointment with a clean dressing.



Barcode: 9348987000752