• Supports Gut Health
  • Maintains Digestive Regularity
  • Promotes Microbiome Diversity
  • FODMAP Friendly Prebiotic
  • Perfect in a Drink, Smoothie, Soup, Baking & More.

The Ultimate Prebiotic for Digestive Health

Kfibre™ is a 100% natural dietary fibre supplement for the maintenance of intestinal health and general well-being.

Kfibre™ Benefits:

  • Normalise your Digestion
  • Maintain your Regularity
  • Normalise bloat & dietary Indigestion
  • Reduce feelings of Hunger
  • Support Microbiome Diversity
  • FODMAP Friendly Fibre

Healthy Gut, Happy Life

Kfibre has a neutral taste which means it can be added to anything.

Whether you’re having your Kfibre with a morning smoothie or adding it into your baking in the kitchen you can easily experience the health benefits of Kfibre.

Each 100g Bag of Kfibre is:

  • One Month Supply
  • 100% Natural Sugarcane fibre (95% sugar reduced)
  • No artificial colours or flavours


Barcode: 797776873609