Thinking about a Pre-workout supplement?

K-OS Pre-workout helps support mental concentration, focus and clarity while also supporting energy levels to help you push harder through your workout. It also supports muscle mass so enjoy tackling any tough workout. We thoroughly test every batch for banned substances so it’s athlete standard certified.

You won't find other supplements that are this pure and effective--made just for you!


Creatine, BCAA, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12: Maintain and support energy production. Caffeine, Vitamin B12: Maintain and support energy levels. Caffeine: Maintain and support mental concentration, focus and clarity. Maintain and support cognitive and mental function. Relieve feeling of general malaise and general debility. Reduce mental and cognitive fatigue.


Vitamin B12: Maintain and support general health and wellbeing. Maintain and support blood health. Aids and assist red blood cell production. Maintain and support immune system health. Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12: Maintain and support nervous system function. Vitamin B3: Maintain and support skin health.


Creatine: Maintain and support vitality. Maintain and support muscle mass. Maintain and support, muscle function. Maintain ad support muscle health. Maintain and support muscle strength during resistance. BCAA: Aids and assist muscle growth during exercise. Aids and assists protein synthesis in the body



Barcode: 9.33017E+12